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Environmental protection new deal will promote forklift industry transformation, energy saving and environmental protection

Forklift industry to energy saving and environmental protection transformation is not a new topic, but in the new wave of environmental protection, the industry has accelerated the trend of transformation.
I. the promoting role of the State Environmental Protection Policy
1, vigorously promote environmental supervision and accountability
Since July 29th, the third batch of central environmental inspection teams have been supervising the inspectors in the provinces under supervision. As of now, the inspectors have sent feedback to Tianjin, Shanxi, Anhui, Fujian and Liaoning provinces. According to public information, 2980 people in five provinces have been held accountable for environmental protection.
With the new environmental minister Li Ganjie took office, supervision storm in the Ministry of environmental protection put forward the "five step" environmental protection supervision and management ideas in an orderly manner. Law enforcement of environmental protection is more and more big, will strictly control "scattered sewage enterprises" as one of the most important content to strengthen supervision, and to upgrade the emission standards of the enterprise, shall be closed before the end of September.
With the deterioration of the atmospheric environment, the government and the people's attention more and more for environmental protection, in this environment, energy saving and environmental protection in all walks of life, the reform and innovation of the forklift truck industry is imperative, innovation and product in energy-saving technology will also be intelligent, friendly direction. Enterprises to survive, transformation and upgrading is an inevitable road, which is bound to increase a large sum of costs, some small enterprises have been eliminated also can hardly be avoided in the short term, it is the industry pains, but in the long run, the production process and product requirements of environmental protection and energy saving is beneficial to users and society, but also conducive to the future development of forklift industry.
2, the adjustment of energy structure is imperative
For the sustainable development of society and economy, it is necessary to reduce the use of traditional energy, and the adjustment of energy structure is imperative. An important way to achieve energy transformation is to achieve clean energy alternatives, such as hydro, wind, solar, tidal energy, etc.. The forklift in power source, internal combustion forklift, how to reduce diesel consumption, or the use of new fuels, such as liquefied natural gas (LNG main component is methane), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and other environmental protection energy as fuel trucks, internal combustion emissions greatly reduced or zero. In electric forklift, the service life of battery charge / discharge up to 1500 times or new energy battery such as lithium electric or other fuel cell etc..
Two, non road mobile machinery environmental protection information publicity role
Non road mobile machinery and road mobile machinery (such as cars) compared with the characteristics of low emission standards, use a long time, but also for loading and carrying heavy loads, most of the time is big torque, high power operation, emission characteristics often peak. Under the background of the national environmental protection policy, it is very timely and necessary to introduce the environmental information of non road mobile machinery. Since July 1st, the non road mobile machinery and environmental information disclosure has been carried out for more than a month time, the environmental protection department of motor vehicles and non road mobile machinery and environmental information disclosure platform, we try to query the name of the enterprise, has a large part of the business has voluntarily discloses non Road mobile machinery environmental protection information, still there are a considerable number of enterprises in the enterprise does not have the official website disclosure of non road mobile machinery environmental protection information, but does not affect the environmental information disclosure of forklift industry promotion. Non road mobile machinery and environmental information disclosure is a decentralization, open and transparent, convenient and efficient policy to realize the right to know, the public is not only for non road mobile machinery supervision, more is to promote the various enterprises and manufacturers improve their standards in order to achieve the purpose and function to protect the environment.

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