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Forklift AGV market observation

With the economic situation to pick up and intelligent manufacturing advance, forward-looking companies have invested into the intelligent equipment layout and the introduction, many of them have completed the construction and renovation of the smart factory, enjoy lucrative smart factory brought. In the latest round of intelligent equipment layout and introduction, forklift AGV has become the key option for many enterprises to transform the intelligent logistics in the factory, which is evident in the domestic forklift AGV market. Forklift AGV application growth, indicating that the customer market intelligence awareness and supplier market technology are improved.
Automatic guided vehicle (AGV) has been successfully used in the manufacturing process for many years, and gradually penetrated into the whole industry, while the popularity of forklift AGV is far behind the ordinary AGV on the production line. The main reason is because the AGV forklift use environment relative to the common use of AGV environment is more complex, it is mostly used for storage, and the manufacturing workshop of automatic guided vehicle (AGV) performance requirements are different, on the other hand AGV forklift for higher technical requirements, such as navigation technology, system and other aspects need more flexible and more intelligent.
Compared to the manufacturing workshop, the environment is more complex, and most activities are highly unpredictable. AGV forklift can walk at any position must be free of the warehouse, in order to complete a certain load order may be in multiple storage spaces between pickup and bear the weight of the vehicle, this flexibility has put forward higher requirements, only the automatic mode of operation and the lack of environmental adaptability of the forklift AGV application will be limited. In order to overcome the environmental problems faced by forklift truck AGV, more flexible navigation technology and more robust system are essential conditions for forklift AGV application.
Industry breakthroughs need innovation, relying on the use of ISM can not solve the industry common problems. Europe and the application of AGV forklift's history can be traced back to the last century, however, until now, Europe and the United States forklift market is not a large area was replaced by the AGV forklift, AGV forklift Europe is also facing the same problem: environmental adaptability co.. On this issue, only innovation and change, with a project to test the results of innovation, using technology to promote the development of the industry. With the accumulation of experience, forklift AGV has reached a new height in reliability, flexibility, safety and scalability, and its environmental adaptability is getting better and better. Of course, in addition to the efforts of suppliers, the improvement of customer intelligence, the upgrading of the factory environment, the work environment for forklift AGV applications more and more friendly, these factors are promoting the application of forklift AGV.

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