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Electric Forklift Facts: Savings and Analysis

Lower   cost,  cleaner and more reliable electric  forklift trucks are preferred by the majority of the material handling industry for use in warehouses, manufacturing plants and distribution centers. In fact, over 60 percent of forklifts purchased today are electric. Thanks to technological advancements such as higher-voltage, modern drive systems and fast, high-frequency charging stations, electric forklifts can outperform their internal combustion counterparts in many ways.


  • Significant Cost Savings: Electricity as a power source delivers significant lifecycle savings. Higher initial capital costs for an electric lift truck are quickly offset by lower fuel and maintenance costs

  • Reduced Emissions: Electric forklifts produce zero smog-forming, particle- and greenhouse-gas emissions.

  • Improved Productivity: Most modern electric forklifts can operate on a single battery charge for two eight-hour shifts, five days a week. Not only are they as fast and efficient as internal combustion forklifts, but in many applications they perform better, improving operational productivity.

  • Enhanced Employee Safety, Health and Satisfaction: Employees benefit from the quiet, emission-free, vibration-free operation of electric lift trucks.

  • Increased Efficiency and Fuel Savings: Electricity is more energy efficient than gasoline, diesel fuel and most sources of propane and eliminates on-site fuel storage.

Business decisions today are based on cost, customer service, employee productivity, sustainability and several other factors. Few available technologies deliver measurable improvement in nearly every
metric the way electric forklifts can.

Electric Forklift Facts: Savings and Analysis

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